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War Powers Protection Act of 2013

H.R. 2507

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Bill Description

This bill, originally introduced by Rep. Massie (R-KY), prohibits the use of funds made available to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Department of Defense (DOD), or any other U.S. agency or entity involved in intelligence activities for the support of military or paramilitary operations in Syria unless and until there has been a formal declaration of war. The bill also requires the Secretary of State to report every 90 days on any assistance provided to groups, organizations, movements, and individuals in Syria.

Liberty for All's Position

Military intervention in Syria absent a formal declaration of war constitutes an unauthorized and unconstitutional act of war on another nation. This bill would prohibit such acts and would restore Congress to its proper role with respect to the oversight of foreign wars. In addition to serving as an unconstitutional war, aid to al-Qaeda rebels in Syria while we are actively engaged in an armed conflict with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan defies common sense and consistently puts our military in harms way. Liberty For All supports a non-interventionist foreign policy that is mindful of George Washington's warning to avoid entangling alliances.

Current Status

This bill was assigned to a congressional committee on June 26, 2013, which will consider it before possibly sending it on to the House or Senate as a whole.

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