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Offshore Energy and Jobs Act

H.R. 2231 - Roll Call 304

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Bill Description

The Offshore Energy and Jobs Act revises existing law to increase the development of oil and gas resources along the Outer Continental Shelf by greatly increasing the number of oil and gas leases made available for auction. In addition to increasing available leases, the act includes provisions to allow coastal states to fairly share in the revenue created by drilling off their shores. Finally, the bill reduces bureaucratic discretion with respect to lease sales and directs leases to be made available for some of the more promising off shore regions and locations.

Liberty for All's Position

This bill would expand U.S. offshore energy production that could create as many as 1 million jobs and would continue to reduce energy costs. Liberty For All strongly supports expanded domestic energy production and this bill would spur economic recovery while lessening our nation's dependence on foreign energy sources. Higher energy prices inflate the cost of goods, especially with respect to food and logistics. This often has a substantial effect on the poorest Americans as they can seldom afford higher prices for gas and food. In addition to helping the everyday consumer, this bill more equitably spreads revenue from the federal government back to the states whose resources are being used. It is an important first step in increasing our domestic oil supply, lowering costs, and reducing our dependent on foreign oil.

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