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Continuing Appropriations Act - The Second Debt Ceiling Deal

H.R. 2775 - Roll Call 550

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Bill Description

This bill continued to fund the federal government in lieu of passing a budget while also raising the debt ceiling for a second time in 2013 and ended the government shutdown. In many ways a combination of two previous bills, this bill allows for further government borrowing and additional spending. By raising the debt ceiling and failing to include spending cuts the second debt ceiling deal continued to grow the national debt.

Liberty for All's Position

As was the case with the first debt ceiling deal, Liberty For All strongly opposes suspending or raising the federal debt ceiling limit. This "compromise" was very much the worst of both worlds as it allowed for additional federal borrowing and permitted Congress to continue with its failures to pass a budget. The bill did not include any reforms to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) even though the projected costs of the program will continue to grow nor did it include meaningful and necessary spending cuts. This bill is a prime example of short-sighted governance and federal mismanagement of taxpayer funds. It fails to address our future funding crisis and helps ensure that later generations will pay for our present day mistakes.

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